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  • Garden Store

    £3,421.00 Inc.VAT: £4,105.20

    5m long x 3m wide x 2.4m high eaves. This kit is made from domestic grade 0.5mm cladding rather than our 0.7mm to provide a secure but economic garden shed. The skylights provide good interior light meaning it can be used as a workshop and the anti drip roof lining keeps the interior dry. This kit will look good in your garden and give decades of use with very little maintenance. Highly suitable for self erection with a friend and a suitable scaffold or step ladder.

  • Steel Vehicle Workshop

    £28,462.00 Inc.VAT: £34,154.40

    At 19m long x 12m wide and 2.9m to the eaves this kit is a full size commercial design, allowing flexible placement of lifts and pits. The cladding is fully insulated and with the skylights is a bright comfortable place to work. While we call it a vehicle workshop it is suitable for light engineering, manufacturing or even retail use. This kit is a very economical way to provide the workspace you need. This kit is not suitable for self erection and needs a professional crew to erect, please contact us for advice.