OZ-UK Steel Building Services: WHY OZ-UK?

 ….Some of the main points to consider when choosing a OZ UK Steel Buildings building are:
CE ACCREDITATION – Since July 2014 all structural frame suppliers have had to comply with European Standard EN 1090 for their Design Protocol and Factory Production Procedures. As a Capital Structural Buildings Ltd distributor the buildings we provide comply with this standard and therefore the law. Knowing the provenance of our materials is an intrinsic part of our operations which allows us to maintain our quality standards.
• EXPERIENCE – OZ UK Steel Buildings in conjunction with Capital Steel Ltd, Steadmans and SIG Plc has a tremendous resource of products and technical support at our finger tips to assure you the product and service you will receive will be exemplary.
• CONFIDENCE – Peace of mind in having a fully engineered, CE marked, steel building designed for your location utilising materials supplied by ISO 9001:2008 accredited Quality Assured companies.
• FLEXIBLITY – Each building is designed and engineered to your required size and specification.
• VALUE – Buildings constructed using our portal frame technologies are environmentally friendly, safe, durable and economical.
• DESIGN – Our in house structural engineers have developed technology and intelligent engineering that allows us to provide structurally efficient buildings.
• CLADDING OPTIONS – Choose from single skin cladding to Fire Rated Composite Panels (For Insulated Buildings) in a variety of finishes and large choice of colours.
• ENGINEERING – All superstructure drawings and calculation packs are available from Capital Structural Buildings Ltd`s in house Structural Engineering Team to assist you in obtaining a Building Warrant.
• SERVICE – OZ UK Steel Buildings takes pride in providing a personalised and helpful service throughout the entire process of supplying your building.
• SYSTEMS – Our design and procurement software and Steadman`s manufacturing facility are state of the art in this market. SIG Plc, owners of Steadmans, are one of the leading providers of building materials to the UK market and have an annual turnover exceeding £2.6 Billion.

We trust this assures you that you are dealing with professional, quality assured companies.

The result is a great value, aesthetically pleasing and functional building, supplied promptly and to a high standard

• QUOTING PROCEDURES – This whole process can take literally minutes over the phone and give you a custom building to suite your specific requirements that meets all of the relevant building codes and safety standards.

Things like snow loading and wind tolerances can be locally adjusted to suite your area and even altitude may need to be taken into consideration (not usually in Norfolk). All of this is very quickly and easily applied to your building needs.

Initially we will supply you with a basic layout plan and quote by E-mail. This is a FREE service and gives you enough information to decide if our product is something that you want to look at more seriously and to make sure it’s within your planned budget, and basically the right size and layout for you.

Then if you decide you would like to look more seriously at our products we will supply you with a layout plan, footing plans, Spec Sheet & quote specific to the building you require either by E-mail or post. This also is a FREE service that we offer with absolutely no obligation at all. Best of all we have a no high pressure sales tactics policy. In fact at this point we will probably never call you again unless it’s directly related to your design request or a requested made by you.

We may call after a month or two not to sell you anything but just to see what option you chose to go with as we are always trying to improve our service & knowing what options people are choosing and why, is a great help to us & our future customers.

The information that we supply at this point is usually more than enough for most planning enquiries. Full plans are made available for planning application if needed with a nominal fee or FREE with your deposit.

Once we are happy that we can supply you with the building that you WANT to have! It’s a relatively simple process to set the wheels in motion & put you well on the way to owning your very own custom designed building.

After we have received your cleared funds we then send you A FREE BOM or Bill Of Materials & the FREE Instruction Manual & FREE And finally a FREE compliment card from us with a warm welcome to OZ-UK Innovations Ltd Contact us


  • FREE Quote
  • FREE Layout Plans
  • FREE Footing Plans
  • FREE Spec Sheet
  • FREE Instruction Manual
  • FREE Full Plans (with order)
  • FREE On-line Discount Voucher
  • FREE Phone Support
  • FREE Warm welcome to OZ-UK(with order)