About Us

An English company with Australian roots


The founder of OZ-UK Chris Peach was born in Brisbaine in Queensland Australia. At a very early age Chris Peach or “Peachy” as his friends called him, came to the U.K. where because of his English parents he also became a British Citizen, so he really is AUS – U.K. Which in true Aussie style was shortened to OZ-UK

After travelling between Australia and England many times Chris became aware that both these great countries had so much to offer each other, ” I was struck (Having been a roofer) by the favoured Aussie roofing material a steel corrugate called COLORBOND®, When I came back to England After a number of years I was shocked by the high cost of housing and consequently building materials and labour costs. I had used COLORBOND® a roller formed steel roofing product in Australia. I knew what a great product it was and how quick you could roof a house. Saving many days labour costs. I was very impressed with it and saw a great potential for a similar product here in England. It was this that caught my attention when the opportunity arose to import Aussie style steel buildings to the U.K. and OZ-UK Innovations Ltd was born”.

OZ-UK Steel Buildings was started by linking with an Australian company who were looking for distributors to sell their product in England after some communication and healthy investment we secured the dealership rights for the County of Norfolk in the region known as East Anglia. Right now we are in the process of building our customer base and market place presence. “Established since 2004 we have been growing year by year as people have become more aware of the awesome product that we supply!”

OZ-UK Steel Buildings hold to the belief that if we unite & work together there is very little that can not be achieved. We have a core of five businessmen who are all successful in their own fields & If we had a motto it would read “Together we can do anything!” with the emphasis on the Together & we!

OZ-UK Steel Buildings are service aware knowing that the most important people in our business is of course the customer. With this in mind we go to great lengths to ensure that everyone is happy at the end of any given transaction. We don’t want to take your money & run! We want you to be happy with the whole procedure beginning to end & know that your money has been wisely invested in the future enjoyment of your individually designed Custom steel building. We have many satisfied customers that will attest to the fact that OZ-UK are with you all the way. When things go wrong (as they sometimes do) , OZ-UK Steel Buildings are here to help, working together to ensure a satisfactory outcome.

OZ-UK Steel Buildings – GOOD JOB!

Thank you for taking the time to look around our site & welcome to OZ-UK!

Registered Office:

Unit 15 St Johns Way
Downham Market
United Kingdom.
PE38 0QQ
T:01366 384362