10 Reasons to choose an OZ-UK Steel Buildings Norfolk


1. Bonded Order: Our Ground breaking Bonded ordering system with the Nat West Bank ensures that you will get your building or your money back! The Nat West Bank hold your funds safe in a special BOSS (Bonded Secure System) Vault account for up to 42 days after purchase so OZ-UK, Capital Steel Buildings and […]

Norfolk Air Show Old Buckenham

The Norfolk Air show at Great Buckenham is upon us, and the Great British weather is looking set to give us a wet and windy weekend here in East Anglia. The OZ-UK family will venture across the great Norfolk, Suffolk divide for what is looking set to be a fantastic event for aircraft lovers. Rain […]

Steel Buildings – The Cure?

When I was growing up I used to play bass guitar in various bands, one band we had was called Fatal Sanctum it was a very Gothic band influenced by Bauhaus, Alien Sex Fiend, The Mission, The Cult, etc etc etc… one of these bands we were influenced by were the Cure, as a bass […]

John Deere Forestry Division

John Deere Forestry Division OZ-UK Custom Forestry Workshop and Storage Steel Buildings for sale CUMBRIA – Forestry Workshop and Storage .7SS –  Mckie – Carlisle – OZ-UK Steel Buildings (Norfolk) Ltd OZ-UK Agricultural Steel Buildings Norfolk Tel 01366 384 362 info@oz-uk.com John Deere Forestry Division are the worlds leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of forest […]

Litchfield Imports Performance Supercar Workshop by OZ-UK

Supercar Steel Workshop

Our luxury sports car steel workshop building! It seems so insignificant behind those awesome looking cars! Yet without a great garage or workshop the truth is that many cars get spoilt, sun damaged and rain weathered! If you have the luxury of owning or even working on such cars as this brace of Nissan GTR’s […]

Some days you just want to YELL!!! “STEEL BUILDINGS!!!!” to the whole world.

Tractor Storage Shed OZ-UK Steel Buildings (Norfolk) Ltd

We have some AWESOME bargains right now in our smaller kit buildings, SINGLE and DOUBLE size garages and steel buildings around this size are down to pre-recession prices!!! CALL Now for your FREE steel buildings Quote & Design advise!!! Tel 01366 384 362 E-mail: info@oz-uk.com We have never known the suppliers to come to the party […]

Wells Harbour Steel Building

15 WELLS-NEXT-THE-SEA - Port of Wells Boat and Buoy servicing and storage building 6040 - Wells Harbour Authority - NORTH NORFOLK - OZ-UK Steel Buildings (Norfolk) Ltd

It feels like spring again, the snow disappeared overnight leaving the daffodils poking their heads up through the brown earth which set against the vibrant greens and clear blue sky over West Dereham really looks a picture. For some reason at this time of year I begin to think about our usual family holiday near Sherringham and Cromer on […]