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Mercedes Benz Direct: STEEL WORKSHOP / SPRAY SHOP / DETAILING AREA – Solihul -Birmingham

Alan Pearn said “We needed a Spray Area that could also be used for Car Detailing & bit’s out of the weather, OZ-UK had the answer we were looking for & we are extremely happy with the cost, (having been quoted silly money) Building & Erection Service that OZ-UK provided for us”

Mercedes Benz Direct are renowned for their love of Good Design & Hi Quality Products, so when they required a new Spray Shop they were looking for something that would not only provide many years of satisfactory hard working service, but also had an aesthetic appeal that would not look out of place next to their classy array of top shelf vehicles & showroom.

Alan Pearn said ” Great building, Great Design, This really is a Great Quality Product” much more substantial than we thought it was going to be.”

The Team at Mercedes Benz Direct were a Grand bunch & very encouraging every step of the way, saying what a good product it was & how easy it looked to put together & how they would like one at home for themselves! Needless to say we took some names & numbers & should be back up to Birmingham in the near future! They seemed almost surprised at the build quality & strength & kept saying “It won’t fall down in a hurry” I’m not sure if they were expecting something a lot less substantial or an earth quake or if this is some kind of Brummy colloquialism. Still I think they are right it certainly won’t fall down in a hurry!

OZ-UK Says “Thank you Mercedes Benz Direct, It was a real pleasure doing business with you & we wish you all the best for your future & should you ever need another “It won’t fall down in a hurry” building…..

Uig Pottery Isle of skye:
Margaret & Allen Freestone:

This is a building we done for a lovely couple who own Uig Pottery a must visit if your ever in that area. We designed this building with extra wind loading because of the notorious winter storms that rip through the area from time to time.

Margaret said: “We were first impressed by the quick & friendly response that took the time to answer our questions & work through quite a number of designs for free before we finally decided on the right design for us”

OZ-UK are interested in providing you with the building you WANT to have! We never rush you through the design process just because it’s a free service.

Margaret said: “A company with integrity”

That is possibly the highest complement that we have ever had because it’s our desire to make sure that at the end of any transaction everyone is happy & although we live in a real world where things do sometimes go wrong we will do our level best to put things right.

Margaret said: “OZ-UK showed a willingness to help that you rarely find in business today, we had excellent support from them & we are very grateful for this.”

This building managed to get delivered with three sheets short. It’s rare but these things do happen. When we looked into getting the sheets delivered no-one would touch it for under £400 Del it’s so far of the beaten track. We didn’t feel we could charge Margaret for any of this so the company would foot the whole cost.

What a blessing this turned out to be £350 of company money in my pocket as I bundled my three excited boys into our car in Norfolk we started out on an awesome adventure that took us the length of England & up through the highlands of Scotland (Breath taking) to the Isle of Skye to deliver the three missing sheets! We discovered castles, a mini giants causeway & even a hermit crab.

What a grand time we had, made even better by some true Scottish hospitality. Margaret un-be known to us; had arranged for us to stay with some friends (Thank you A & I) in a converted barn for a couple of nights & we were blessed upon blessing, being fed with fresh caught fish straight from the boat & loaded with fresh prawns on the journey home. I would just like to say that the myth about the Scottish being tight was totally blown out of the water in Skye & talking of water my boys were even treated to a trip around the bay in a small yacht (Thank you A). It was an awesome time & are very grateful for the mistake that led to this amazing adventure & the opportunity to meet such wonderful people.

Margaret said: “You don’t have to tell them about the missing sheets if you don’t want to!” & “We will definitely recommend you”.

OZ-UK Innovations Ltd Said: No worries!

The Uig Pottery

E-mail: greatpots@uigpottery.co.uk