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OZ-UK Steel Buildings supplying low-cost, effective, quality assured CE Mark Compliant Buildings across the U.K. and around the world!

Equestrian Buildings OZ-UK Steel buildings are great for equestrian use as we can design our buildings to the exact size that you want. So Shetland pony or Shire Horse you can have the stables sized to suit your needs. With safety in mind the steel equestrian building offer great fire resistance due to the materials used and also the roof is steel so no hot dripping Onduline for firemen to contend with should the worst happen.

Because of the modular nature of our buildings should you have an accident with the tractor, trailer or horse box it’s an easy thing to replace any damaged sheets with very little fuss. Our equestrian buildings have a design life of 50 years so you can have confidence that your investment is going to stand the test of time and outlast any wooden structure by decades making them great value for money.

The composite roofing and clear span design mean that inside your building is light and airy making a much lighter, safer and friendlier environment to keep your horse happy and healthy. Because of our easy modular design, many of the smaller buildings are offered as a supply only solution that allows you to use your own workforce to erect our buildings with great savings!
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Equestrian Steel Buildings

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Simple – Clean – Light – Spacious – Low Maintenance – Long service life – Modular – Quick – Easy – Demountable – Low Cost – CE Marked – High Quality – Green – Serviceable – Recyclable!
The fact that these buildings are so much cheaper than traditional designs is due to the cleaver use of design and is no way a sign of poor quality or corner cutting this is just a great cost effective design.

In fact, during the severe winters of 2010 and 2011 many buildings (nearly all hot rolled steel) collapsed or suffered structural damage in the U.K. especially in the highlands NONE of these failures were from an OZ-UK Cold Rolled Steel Building. In fact, we have NEVER had a single building collapsed or structurally damaged due to harsh weather and we have our buildings in some of the most inhospitable places in the U.K. and beyond.

Our buildings not only survive but thrive in the Shetland Isles, Northern Scotland and the Isle of Skye, Falklands, Afghanistan, Australia, Saudi Arabia to name but a few places that subject our buildings to some of the very worst testing by wind, snow, sun and every conceivable weather in the World.