Some days you just want to YELL!!! “STEEL BUILDINGS!!!!” to the whole world.

We have some AWESOME bargains right now in our smaller kit buildings, SINGLE and DOUBLE size garages and steel buildings around this size are down to pre-recession prices!!!

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We have never known the suppliers to come to the party like they are right now in supporting us in giving you the very best Low cost High quality steel buildings! We are actually competing in price with many of the flimsy tin sheds and garages you get from builders merchants or condensation prone concrete structures that have timber in the design that rots away and cement roof panels that get brittle and crack after a few years. This is simply unbelievable as OZ-UK Custom Steel Garages are worlds apart from those in so many ways!

Our little buildings are made to the same exacting standards as our industrial buildings meaning that they are super doopa unbelievable value for money and more importantly will be around long after your timber, tin, concrete shed has gone to it’s early grave! I have watched people making the same mistake time after time in purchasing cheap stuff, when for not much more money they could have the real thing!

Wooden Stables that look great for the first five or six years and it’s all down hill very quickly after that. Onduline roofing that starts to sag and split, cement sheet roofing on concrete garages gets brittle and cracks, wood used in the construction rots and gets infested with insects! Why? WHY? WHY?…

Why do people do the same things over and over again without realising that we have such a great product, with an expected life span of over forty years, practically maintenance FREE it’s a no brain choice really to anyone who has ever really thought it through! or at least has seen our product. This is not just sales speech it’s just the absolute bottom line truth!!!

If it’s good enough for Aston Martin …Then rest assured it will be good enough for you!!!

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